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K Block Technology – Lightweight Concrete Technology

A Complete System for making lightweight block and lightweight concrete – including production equipment, foaming agent, Quality Control procedures, mix designs, training, and support services

Most companies – using their own knowledge – take at least 6 months before they can make a saleable, consistent lightweight block or lightweight concrete. And some take over 1 year and still have problems. A K Block Franchise ensures that from day 1, you can make excellent saleable lightweight block at an economical cost. No delay between finishing a lightweight concrete plant or on-site production and production of a saleable lightweight product.

Start at any Size and any Place

K Block plants can be built for any block volume (from low volume labour intensive plants to fully automatic plants capable of producing more than 1,000,000 blocks per month). And, as demand increases, we can show how to expand your plant and increase production. And you can make on-site lightweight concrete for such applications as block, precast, roof insulation, cast-in-place walls, floor leveling, and more.

K Block Lightweight Block

Since the world-wide market has used K Block Lightweight Block for many years, and we have complete test reports and approvals, you can be assured of fast project approval and getting a great product.