K Block Foaming Agent

K Block Foaming Agent is an aqueous concentrate specially formulated to produce a foam that is made up of small (1mm) sized air bubble that are strong, tough, and stable. The resulting foam of small air bubbles is used for producing foamed lightweight concrete.

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Typically, the lightweight concrete are used to make

  • Non-structural lightweight precast concrete
  • Non-structural lightweight Cast-in-Place concrete
  • Lightweight blocks
  • Fills (ie. underground pipes and tunnels)
  • Lightweight floors
  • Roof insulation, as well as insulation for ATM’s, and safes
  • Knock-down kitchen counters
  • Architectural insulating tiles (exposed finishes with insulating properties)
  • And numerous other lightweight products

Lightweight Concrete Admixtures

Used in producing lightweight concrete, K Block offers our customers a wide variety of specialty additives that enable customers to produce the best and most economical lightweight concrete products.

  • Strength Enhancers
    Strength is a key property of any product. By using our strength enhancer, products can be made stronger or more economically
  • Durability Additives
    By modifying the durability of a product you can increase its toughest (ability to take damage without breaking), resistance to cracking, water absorption, flexural strength and more
  • Production Modifiers
    Strength and other properties can vary with changing temperatures and climates, these additives help offset these changes and changes in raw materials
  • Cement Alternatives
    With the key cost in any mix being cement – having other choices besides cement can help reduce costs or increase easy of production

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